Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Lowongan pekerjaan hari ini - Commissioner and the establishment of the pastry - Aria Green made a hit show Cikini successful website in 2011

Lowongan pekerjaan hari ini

Create a section of the / House's first Commissioner.

- Male age 38-23
- Islam
- Into the living room / coffee information and one or more periods.
- A great little restaurant in Belgium, and the Far East and Western classical core of the low efficiency of food is a must.
- A good way, and it can be seen.
- To deal with their self-presentation buffet for 500 Bucks / top known.

To create the eye candy house

- Male age 38-23
- Islam
- Information and cookies, to develop more season at least.
- Must be a bear expert patisery (and the opera, food, food, dairy products, dark colors, tiramisu, is correct Lapid, Lapid Surabaya).
- Experts in traditional Belgian KUE useful (mud board, Lemper, Risol, very important, APEM sweets, diet Dadar Harum)
- Willingness to try.
- Familiar with self-dealing Bucks head 500 / sector Buffet / coffee quickly and this self-presentation.
Provides a way to finish.

Green or national human resources to develop the Jakarta Cikini
Cikini Jalan raya No. 46, Jakarta Centre operating maintenance
Or PO Box: hamzah_binnur@yahoo.com.